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Pittsburgh Area Lung Cancer Support Group
Meets at Hillman Cancer Center, Cooper Conference Room C, from 3:00-4:00 the 2nd Monday of each month. 
Contact Stephanie at 412-622-1212 for more information. 

Center Civic Women's Club PATHWAYS Program
Care and Comfort for Women with Cancer 
This organization will help any woman in Beaver County, PA, who is in need of a wig if they are in active cancer treatment.

The Lung Cancer Action Network (LungCAN®) is a collaborative group of lung cancer advocacy organizations that have come together to raise public awareness about the realities of lung cancer. Our intention is to increase funding for detecting, treating and curing the disease. LungCAN member organizations provide resources in a single place. You can use this website, www.lungcan.org, to access organizations that can help you find the information and assistance you need, when you need it!lung cancer patient and caregiver resources If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with lung cancer, these websites can help you find the information you need. 

Don't Guess. Test
“Don’t Guess. Test.” is an initiative aimed to expand awareness and educate patients about precision medicine and the importance of comprehensive genomic testing in lung cancer. It is our hope that through this initiative, every patient with lung cancer and their families, friends and caretakers will be motivated to take action by opening a dialogue with their doctors about comprehensive genomic testing to ensure all possible treatment options are explored. 

Focusing on women's lung health, LungFORCE offers information specific to women who have lung cancer, lung health, smoking cessation information, and clinical trial resources. 

GRACE: Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education 
This website offers up-to-date information on lung cancer treatment and research, including podcasts and articles.  There is a unique forum where patients and caregivers can ask questions that will be answered by doctors, moderators and other people in the same situation.  Registration is free and there is no charge to post in the forum.

Free to Breathe
This organization offers free resources for patients - whether newly diagnosed or someone who has been living with lung cancer - and caregivers.  If you are interested in advocating for lung cancer, they offer free materials to help you.  Free to Breathe also funds research.

Lungevity Foundation
This organizationprovides support and education for those impacted by lung cancer by offering community support and "Ask the Experts".  Lungevity also funds research.

American Cancer Society
Learn about lung cancer and other cancers on the ACS website.  This site also offers forums and resource information.